11 AM - 12 PM (EST) / 8 AM - 9 AM (PST)

Join us for a dynamic discussion on strategies proven to de-risk cannabis investments, and maximize returns.
Hosted by the Panther Group.
Guests: Unified Global Corp and the Entrust Group.


What will you gain?

When you join our webinar you’ll learn:

The Most Impactful Lessons We Have Learned As Seasoned Cannabis Industry Investors: Vital insights for investors on how to best leverage your options via diversification, liquidity, private equity VS venture capital, self-directed IRA’s and more investment vehicles. 

Cannabis Investing Due Diligence & Compliance: What data is the most valuable for cannabis investors to look at? What compliance issues are important to focus on? What are the real risks? Highlights on key performance indicators specific to the world of cannabis investments.

The State of the U.S. Cannabis Market & Legalization Trends: How is the spread of legalization affecting opportunities for cannabis investors? And how can investors use this momentum to their advantage? 

Learn from real industry experts

Featured speakers from the Panther Group, Unified Global Corp and the Entrust Group.


Jordan Tritt

CEO / Co-Founder

The Panther Group



Jordan is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Panther Group. Previously served as Principal of the Panther Opportunity Fund. He has also worked as the CFO, VP of Finance & Controller for high-growth private companies and venture funds—raising over $30 million.


Scott Berman

President/ Co-Founder

The Panther Group



Scott is the President and Co-Founder of the Panther Group. He has co-founded and exited multiple companies in ad tech and cannabis—with 20+ years of experience working in politics, cannabis advocacy, healthcare, digital advertising.



Paul Lufkin

Founder / Corporate Advisor

Unified Global Corp


Paul is an M&A and finance professional with a specialty in small business consolidations, having performed 39 M&A transactions.  As one of the only Canadians who has lived in Colorado through cannabis legalization and performed early M&A as the early industry was chaotically evolving, he’s able to bring unique perspectives to support the Canadian market as it becomes more profitable and bring help the US operators scale using the Canadian experience. Paul is a partner in Green Growth Capital Partners and serves as Unified’s Corporate Advisor for Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategy.


Bill Neville

Business Development Manager

The Entrust Group


Bill Neville joined The Entrust Group ten years ago through his initial role as Manager of Operations for the company’s franchise program. When the program was discontinued, Bill stepped up to the task of managing the Compliance and Internal Audit departments. With a keen eye for detail and gaining valuable insights into the IRA industry, Mr.Neville kept Entrust’s educational programs and internal processes in line with industry regulations. Bill actively takes pride in the company’s growth and success and is currently the Business Development Manager for Entrust’s San Francisco Bay Area office.