Heally is a leading SaaS platform for alternative medicine clinics. By enabling alternative medicine clinicians with the right software and growth tools that they need for their business, Heally is increasing access for the consumer to Alternative Medicine treatment including cannabis, psychedelics, and more. With over 100+ Clinics, 1,200 registered providers and 500,000+ Patient Network with ~2X YoY Growth.

At Nalu Bio, we learn from nature, and deliver through chemistry. Nalu Bio is creating a new category of cannabinoids and wellness ingredients that offer great therapeutic promise for more effective management of chronic pain and the treatment of opioid addiction. Nalu Bio's proprietary chemistry platform promises to set a new industry standard for purity, consistency, and quality, because it removes the risk of contamination from pesticides, heavy metals, and THC inherent in hemp extraction. Our unique, scalable platform has the ability to keep pace with anticipated market expansion, and will reliably deliver high quality and widely-accessible cannabinoids to global retail and pharmaceutical markets.

Shackelford Pharma Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company formed to develop medicines for neurological diseases with significant unmet patient needs. Founded by Dr. Alan Shackelford and leading medical industry executives, Shackelford Pharma is leveraging Dr. Shackelford’s real-world clinical experience to develop novel therapies for specific indications targeting the endocannabinoid system. Dr. Shackelford's work led to a heightened awareness, amongst physicians, patient groups and regulators of the potential for cannabinoid-based medicines to be used as a treatment for epilepsy and other significant unmet medical needs. Because of this increased awareness, patient groups, caregivers and physicians began to actively pursue opportunities to introduce cannabinoid-based treatment options, creating an environment in which it became possible to obtain the necessary FDA consents for cannabinoid drug development – a pathway GW Pharmaceuticals leveraged to commercialize Epidiolex, leading to $7.2B acquisition by Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Learn From Industry Experts

Greg Rovner



Greg has been at the helm of successful business organizations for the past twenty years. His most recent venture, Heally, is the first B2B platform of its kind to aggregate cannabis, psychedelics, homeopathy, and other alternative medicine clinics using their EMR/telemedicine software, allowing for much-needed increased access to comprehensive and vetted holistic care for patients. Previously, he ran successful insurance agencies, including Intellisurance where he developed a proprietary software program that generated over 8 million in revenue.

Caitlyn Krebs

Co-Founder & CEO

Nalu Bio

Caitlyn is an entrepreneur with 20+ years of healthcare and life science experience. She has a passion for building companies at the frontier of science and technology - cancer epigenomics, eye tracking for Alzheimer’s, pre-diabetes diagnostics, predictive biosimulation, and now chemistry for cannabinoids. She has held positions in executive management, operations, and corporate development with a focus on commercializing new products and bringing them to market. Caitlyn graduated with honors from Brown University with a BS in Biology, she is a mother of two boys, a Crossfitter, and is committed to realizing the potential of pure, scalable science-driven CBD (cannabidiol).

Mark Godsy

Founder & CEO

Shackelford Pharma

Mark is a seasoned and successful biotechnology and technology entrepreneur. Mark has started or co-founded many successful companies, including two $1 billion biotech firms – ID Biomedical, which became Canada’s largest vaccine company and the fifth-largest vaccine company in the world; and Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, which created the first coated stent, which has gone on to save tens of millions of lives.

Mark Godsy is currently chairman (and past CEO ) of Exro Technologies, a company whose goal is to improve the efficiency of electric motors and generators; and Chairman of Traxitt, a technology company focused on developing an IOT platform that allows devices with different architectures to communicate with one another. Mark serves on the advisory board for the Faculty of Law at McGill University. He holds a BA from the University of British Columbia and a law degree from McGill, and is a non practising member of the Law Society of British Columbia.